Case Studies and Testimonials

Dive into our collection of case studies illustrating how Matador Digi has revolutionized the online presence of multifamily properties, ensuring their success in collaboration with commercial real estate brokers.


These case studies exemplify Matador Digi's ability to transform online presence, boost visibility, and ensure the success of multifamily properties, commercial real estate brokerages, and small businesses. Discover how our tailored strategies can revolutionize your online journey!



These case studies emphasize how Matador Digi's strategies in unifying profiles, review management, and online makeover can ensure success for property management firms, real estate brokerages, and small businesses alike. Discover how we can help you achieve similar results!


Commercial Real Estate Partnerships

These case studies illustrate how Matador Digi's partnerships with commercial real estate brokers have led to thriving retail businesses, higher occupancy rates, and successful tenant onboarding. Partner with us to achieve similar results for your retail properties.


1 on 1 Consultations

Matador Digi online 1 on 1 Marketing Meeting

The Visibility Booster

Secure a 30-minute video call to tackle specific challenges affecting your local online presence, including your website and Google Business profile.

Optimal for: Entrepreneurs and businesses looking for cost-effective guidance to enhance multiple facets of their local overall online visibility strategy.

Matador Digi online 1 on 1 Google Business Profile Audit


A personalized 45-minute deep-dive session to unlock the full potential of your Google or Apple listing, ideal for business owners aiming for a competitive edge on both Google and Apple Maps.

Optimal for:  Entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to fine-tune their Google Business Profile or Apple Business Profile, guaranteeing optimal visibility and heightened discoverability on both Google and Apple Maps.

Matador Digi online 1 on 1 SEO Audit Deep Dive

Local SEO Deep Dive

A comprehensive one-hour analysis covering Google listings, links, website, analytics, and more, designed to revamp your local search strategy.

Optimal for: Companies seeking an extensive evaluation of their existing local presence to uncover strengths, weaknesses, and untapped opportunities in their local market. This session is perfect for those aiming to gain valuable insights and receive expert recommendations for enhancing their online visibility.